27.10.2022 – Gedichtausstellung in Friedrichstadt

August 27, 2022 – My Poetry Exhibition in Friedrichstadt

„All Seasons in the Wet Land“ is the exhibition title. My handwritten poems have been exhibited in the Former Synagogue during Friedrichstadt Culture Night. Handwritten poem copies can be purchased in my poetry shop.

Cover of my exhibition booklet. On August 27, I handed it out to visitors of my poetry exhibition.
Friedrichstadt is a unique town in North Frisia, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The town was founded in 1621 by Dutch settlers near my hometown Husum.
The Former Synagogue was consecrated in 1841. On November 10, 1938, it was devastated by the Nazis during the November Pogroms. The building reopened as a cultural center and memorial in 2003. My exhibition took place here.
On August 23, I put my poems to the walls. The first one in the front on the left is „All Seasons in the Wet Land“ followed by „Forrest Gills“ and „Icarus“. Recently, „Icarus“ was translated into North Frisian by Antje Arfsten of the North Frisian Institute. All three poems describe the beauty of North Frisia.
Poems in the spotlight. I checked the lights after hanging the poems.
Mayor Christiane Möller von Lübcke opens the Friedrichstadt Culture Night with a short speech.
People on their way to explore concerts, food, readings, drinks, (digital) art, a warm summer night and poetry.
This is my „God of Rationality“ in honor of the greatest playwrights we as humans hold dear.
The painting to the poem „The Drunken Boy“ is by Mark Cameron from Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
This is „Cracks“. It is an English translation by Tora von Collani of my German prosaic poem „Fugen“.
Blodeuwedd has been translated from this original English version into Welsh by Prof. Angharad Price form Bangor University, Wales, UK.
I could not afford buying a tablet to show 297names.com live. So I created this analog teaser for the e-poem. The original web version was created with help of Cylixe (digital design) and Jan Girlich (programming). The work is inspired by the Electronic Literature Organization.
Details about each poem were printed in this exhibition booklet that I wrote and designed. I can also design print and web media for you, if you like.
This is the second part of the exhibition booklet. You can buy all my handwritten versions of my poems in my poetry shop (English version) or in my German Poetry Shop.