Else Marie Pade

A poem for Else Marie Pade on Liberation Day 2024

29. April 2024 Jan-Christian Petersen 0

In May 1945, the Wehrmacht surrendered. Else Marie Pade was interned in Frøslev prison camp near Flensburg at the time. As a composer, she was a pioneer of concrete electronic music. Pade would have celebrated her 100th birthday this year. My poem Copenhagen was written in her honor.

Signs disturb the view - a true Don DeLillo moment

No One Sees The Barn

24. Februar 2024 Jan-Christian Petersen 0

„Once you have seen the signs about the barn, it becomes impossible to see the barn.“ That’s from Don DeLillo’s book „White Noise“. Where I live, this part of DeLillo’s fiction has come true.

One Year of War against Ukraine

24. Februar 2023 Jan-Christian Petersen 0

In front of the Russian embassy in Berlin, I meet a Russian tank that Ukrainians have destroyed during the war. I speak with people who have organized the protest. Thousands shout „Russia is a terrorist state“. The Brandenburg Gate shines in Ukrainian colors.